Privacy Policy

It is European Bakery (Dubai UAE) policy to respect and protect information of our customers which we may collect to process orders / queries / feedback with us. This collection of data will only be used to process product / information for the customer against customer’s order/ queries/ feedback and for related records unless required by law, or for regulatory requirement or with consent of concerned customer. We will not sell, share, or lease such information unless required by law or regulatory bodies. We may keep information in our database as part of accounting for keeping records of transactions and for auditing purpose.  We try our best to take personal data as brief and concise as required for the purposes for which it is taken.

This website and its contents are owned and managed by European Bakery, DUBAI UAE. Information and content provided in this website takes no responsibility or warranty and hereby negates and disclaims all other warranties shown or implied including without limitations to conditions expressed to support or argue any business activity, fitness of product for a particular use, shown as sited link in any website or material for any particular claim or any other violation of rights. European Bakery Dubai UAE reserves rights to change or update any part or all content presented on this website without any limitation and prior information.