The Founder Abdulwahed Bin Shabib

Born in the mid 1950’s, Abdulwahed Bin Shabib hailed from Dubai, coming from a dynasty of clergymen, Abdulwahed Bin Shabib chose another route; a route that eventually led him to be a revered business leader in the UAE. In 1981, Abdulwahed Bin Shabib courageously ventured on his own to start a general trading business in machinery and electrical equipments. The business then include a diverse spectrum of activities including automation, instrumentation and calibration equipment’s, which helped him in acquiring various leading brands in the GCC such as Omron.

His extensive properties include bustling buildings like 2020, Bin Shabib malls, Mobile Plaza & House as well as cold storages and warehouses in the most sought-after areas in the region.

Currently, he expanded the businesses across GCC to Europe and Asia, by adopting a digitization processes in line with the evolving market trends and has many plans in the future to diversify the company’s portfolio into new streams of revenue that aided his success in the past.

The Food service sector flourished and continued to have optimistic outlook, we all know that crisis bring opportunities. Abdulwahed Bin Shabib ventured with the new company EUROPEAN BAKERY which is the sector wherein we focus on quality, consumer and service.